The Gift of the Unexpected

How Pakistani Families Are Fueling a Mission Movement in the Midst of a Pandemic
January 14, 2021
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Covid-19 pandemic swept across the city of Lahore, Pakistan and brought everyone's jobs, projects and ministries to a standstill. Churches closed. Mission workers were confined to their homes. Families were in enforced lockdowns. And yet, God was orchestrating mission momentum in the midst of this global crisis among the believers of Pakistan.

*Andrew, a Pakistani believer and a global affiliate of the CMM, chose to follow Jesus as a young man and dreamed he would take the gospel to all of Pakistan in one year by himself. After laboring in missions for a season, he realized that his dream was impossible. There was no way he alone could reach that many people with the gospel, no matter how earnest he was. Andrew became a pastor and not even his church, though his congregation was full of vision, could feasibly carry the gospel to the 512 different unreached peoples in Pakistan. He realized, “Mission needs to be all believers working together because the task is so big. No one person or one church can do this alone.” This truth became one of Andrew’s greatest motivations. God impressed on Andrew, “If you meet a believer, mobilize them. If you meet a non-believer, share the gospel with them. Teach others to do the same." Andrew put forth his efforts toward mobilization.

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