God's Heart for MuslimsEmbrace Muslims with the love of Christ. 

By Keith Swartley

From the editor of the globally available program, Encountering the World of Islam, Keith Swartley walks through both the religion of Islam and relevant Bible passages, exploring ways that Christians can seek out and love their Muslim neighbors. 

God’s Heart for Muslims is an eight-lesson study designed to illuminate the tapestry of cultures and the beautiful people who identify with the Muslim faith—a quarter of the world’s population. On this journey, you’ll discover Christ’s desire to be known and that all would have the opportunity to know him. As you also engage with the story of the Bible, you will learn simple, practical ways to build relationships and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with Muslims.

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About the Author

Keith Swartley has had a heart for Muslims since first befriending them in the old town of Mombasa, Kenya, East Africa in 1983. Since then, Keith has enjoyed learning from and sharing with Muslims in the Republic of Georgia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Nigeria, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and the United States. One day he hopes to retire in the Muslim world, but until then Keith continues motivating Christians to share the love of Christ reverently and gently with Muslims around the corner or across the globe. For over thirty years, he has done this through the course he developed called Encountering Muslims, which has trained over 50,000 participants to express the love of Christ and to plant reproducing churches among Muslims. The textbook for the course has been translated into Chinese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish, empowering Christians around the world to love and effectively share the hope of the gospel with Muslims in forty countries.

God’s Heart for Muslims showed me the plan of God has for Muslims to experience Christ’s love. More than that, it opened my heart to the love that God has for these people. It provided me with a biblical understanding of Muslims that is rich with respect, love, and hope. This study is for every Christian today!
College Student in Colorado

What You Will Learn

God's Heart for Muslims walks through the religion of Islam, and its close ties to Judaism and Christianity, and how Christians can lovingly connect to Muslims. 

This study includes eight lessons covering:

  1. What is God's Plan for Muslisms?
  2. Biblical Values Muslims and Christians Share
  3. Responding to Injustice
  4. Good Works and Godly Living
  5. How Would Christ Respond to Muslims?
  6. Questions Muslims Ask
  7. Sacrifice and Suffering
  8. How Will You Connect with Muslims?
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God is providing us with unprecedented opportunities as he draws the nations to our doorstep. It’s time for everyone to be equipped for cross-cultural disciple-making, whether here at home or around the world. I highly recommend Keith Swartley’s God’s Heart for Muslims for fron

Steve Richardson
President, Pioneers in USA
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